Saturday, April 22, 2006

Well hello! It has been a good few months since my last entry, during that time I have:

- Been addicted to ebay (again)
- Experiemented with pot for the first time in years (but didn't get addicted to that, no only clothing floats my boat)
- Written another 50+ pages of my novel
- Applied to and been accepted for my dream job (well, pretty close too!)
- Gone up and down like a proverbial roller coaster (as usual)
- Joined a cool forum called Old Curiosity Shop, it's full of weirdos like me who don't flame me for misspelling 'intelligent' (wow, that one must have stung, that was a year ago!) or trying to introduce them to new information

Yeah, so life is pretty cool right now. Jamie and I are going great and still having the time of our lives living together, we went out on a date to celebrate my new job and coz life is just too cool and had vego laksa and saw V for Vendatta - If anyone EVER reads my blog (could happen) please watch this film, it has so much encoded info in there for you it's not funny.

Yeah, so I got a job as a writer! People actually think I'm GOOD (at writing). I mean I'll be writing job and person specifications, but it beats writing for the back of the coa coa pops box! I'll get paid to write. And I do resumes and stuff all the time at work and I actually enjoy it (sad I know.)

Anyway - life is cool, no winging on this post :)


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